Welcome to My Websites

Hi, my name is Brahma. These are some of my activities that help keep life interesting, meaningful & fun. Including my businesses, projects, hobbies and general areas of interest.


customized art

Your favorite photographs, portraits come alive in oil, translate by talented Artists into a unique original fine art oil painting on canvas.


Custom-made vedic altars

Temple Altars for Deities, Gods in various Divine South east Asian manifestations.


mandals of my mind

My recent sketches, teenage doodles and more



Biography of brahma

Writing biographies, short stories, poetry .. east/ west cultural, inter-religious & philosophical topics.



Herbivorian House

A guest house just for pure Vegetarian vegan International travelers. Complete Apartments with 2 double beds and kitchens close to the heart of downtown Boston MA. USA


gopal sweets


Mail order natural organic indian sweets. (needs capital to launch)
My set up at the Boston Vegetarian Food festival.


College lecturing on Indian classics

Mahabharata, Ramayana, Srimad Bhagavatam with emphasis on character portrayal, moral ethical lessons and post modern message relevance.
I approach the text not as an academic but as a 30+ year yogi practitioner and believer/ sceptic.


Personal Interests:

Book/ Movie recommendations comments on the social, spiritual significance.
Music Bhajans
My instruments, Mridanga, (like the tabla) & cartal,(hand cymbals) a little harmonium (sit down hand pumped organ) & piano very little alto recorder/ flute, guitar
Meditations (that are have universal relevance and appeal).
Mantra chanting.. not so much but consistently for 2 hours a day for over a decade.
Inventions, Green machines, electric flying cars, wind, solar, hydro thermal generation.
Practice/Believe in:
Free cycling recycling,
Animal/ human rights
Liberal who is anti abortion based upon belief in live and let live, the law of karma but thats between you and your God.
Yoga, still pretty stiff but masted the head stand.
Swimming.. preferably above crystal clear water on a Hawaiian Baliniesian coral reef.. or a lake in New Hampshire, a long beach on Cape Cod.
Skiing Aspen Highlands.. (my brother lives near by).
Sailing (around the world)

World travel... for the most part off the beaten tourist path.

Countries i have visited and months (00) lived in.

In Europe:
England, Ireland, (Holland, France, Belgium (30), Germany, (Denmark, Norway (2), Sweden, Luxembourg, Monaco, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Switzerland (2)
(like to visit Finland, Spain, )

In Asia:
Turkey (10), Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India (54 lived mostly in Bengal & UP but traveled all over), Malaysia (3), Thailand, China, Taiwan, Japan,
(like to visit: Cambodia Angkor Wat.. Indonesia Bali, Nepal for a trek, Tibet, Mongolia, Russia (Saint Petersburg in spring 09).

North America:
Most States
like to visit washington (sister's home on lopez) and Alaska

Yet to explore:
South America
Alstralyia/ New Zealand